C-Marine Products started in 1987 in Milwaukee, WI., originally manufacturing foam dash pads for yachts. While manufacturing dash pads, we came up with the idea of using our exclusive foam technology as a boat dock bumper for the marine industry.

We work with a large number of US Coast Guard Stations with our largest installation being located in the Hawaiian Islands. We have also installed bumpers in Central and South America.

C-Marine Products have been engineering and testing our exclusive dock bumper products for over 30 years. We have a proven record of quality, durability and customer support that is second to none in our industry.


Our Boat Dock Bumpers are compression tested to 60,000 psi without collapsing.

Ours vs Theirs

Round Bumpers

Air filled

Deflates once punctured

Not stationary

Dock Side Bumpers

Dock Side Bumpers

Hollow plastic

No shock absorption

Will crush or tear on impact

Will mar and scratch boat

Dock Edge Bumpers

Minimal dock and boat protection

C-Marine Boat Dock Bumpers

Solid one-piece urethane elastomer - UV Stabilized

Will not mar boat

Temperature resistant

Configurable application(s)

Stainless hardware included

Made in USA

          *Sizes for Large boats up to 90 ft., Medium up to 45 ft., Small up to 30 ft.


This is what THEIRS look like: